Team Leadership

Tomasz Włostowski
Managing Partner


Tomasz Włostowski has 10 years of experience practicing international trade and trade defence in numerous jurisdictions, including the EU, US, China and Ukraine. He has represented all types of parties in trade defence proceedings: domestic producers seeking protection, foreign exporters targeted by ongoing procedures or existing measures, as well as importers and consumers seeking to minimize the negative impact of the duties on their operations. He has also participated in a number of court cases stemming from EU trade remedy proceedings, as well as in WTO litigation between the EU and US on zeroing, where he represented EU companies.

Before creating EUTRADEDEFENCE, Tomasz worked for 4 years in an international law firm in Brussels dealing with trade defence and trade controls.  Prior to that, he had worked for 5 years in Washington, D.C. office of White & Case LLP.  Tomasz completed his studies in the United States (LL.M. and J.D., University of Florida) and Poland (mgr praw, Warsaw University).  Tomasz is admitted to the District of Columbia Bar and the Brussels Bar  (B list).

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